Dos Equis: Nancy Wolfson 17

In this parody of the Dos Equis “Most Interesting Man in the World”, I had lots of fun with my Will Lyman imitation, as well as coming up with as many fun “Nancy truths” as I could muster! Enjoy!

Private Lessons, Acura, Akamai, Radio, and Reality TV 4

Well, it’s been a really long time since writing an actual blog post…mostly because I wasn’t exactly sure what to say. And wow, there are so many suggestions out there about “best practices”, or “what we should write about”, or “how to reach a perfectly-targeted audience” and all… Like, should my posts inspire? Inform? Educate? […]

Tom Knight narrates “Badwater” trailer 2

I was hired by Greenhouse Studio to narrate this trailer for the Badwater ultramarathon – also known as “the world’s toughest race” – where the participants must run a 135-mile course in California’s Death Valley. It begins 282 feet below sea level (Badwater Basin); ending at an elevation of 8360 feet (Whitney portal). The race is held in July when temperatures can soar above 120 degrees–even in the shade. Unbelievably, the record was set by Valmir Nunes who finished the course in 22 hours 51 minutes 29 seconds. Enjoy!

Tom Knight’s Emmy Award-winning narration 6

In this video you’ll hear the narration that won me an Emmy Award on June 1st 2013. Produced by Ty Towriss at NLX Broadcast Design, Sportstime Ohio’s  ”Fans For Life” promo earned an Emmy Award for all who participated in its creation. We won our awards within the category of “Promotion – Program Image”.

To see all the winners for Sportstime Ohio and Fox Sports Ohio: click here.

Testimonial from WSTR STAR94′s Doug Miller


“Working in the fast-paced world of broadcast commercials and imaging, it is truly an edge to have Tom’s skills at my disposal. I consider Tom to be my “secret weapon.” His repertoire is stellar. The great thing is, whatever style read I ask for, he ALWAYS delivers and FAST! 

My recommendation to you is, hire Tom before your competition does.”
Doug Miller
Doug Miller
Imaging/Production Director

Testimonial from Top Outdoor Producer editor Aaron Coston

Top Outdoor Producer

“With our tight production schedule, we needed someone who could meet our strenuous deadlines and carry the drama on air.  Tom did that time and time again.”

Aaron CostonAaron Coston
Owner, Aaron Coston Image Studio
Editor, Top Outdoor Producer

Testimonial from NLX’s Ty Towriss


“Tom Knight will make your productions come alive in a way you probably thought least about, through voice acting. HE IS GOOD! REALLY GOOD! And great to work with. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!”
Ty Towriss

President at TY inc / NLX Broadcast Design