Monthly Archives: June 2013

Tom Knight narrates “Badwater” trailer 2

I was hired by Greenhouse Studio to narrate this trailer for the Badwater ultramarathon – also known as “the world’s toughest race” – where the participants must run a 135-mile course in California’s Death Valley. It begins 282 feet below sea level (Badwater Basin); ending at an elevation of 8360 feet (Whitney portal). The race is held in July when temperatures can soar above 120 degrees–even in the shade. Unbelievably, the record was set by Valmir Nunes who finished the course in 22 hours 51 minutes 29 seconds. Enjoy!

Tom Knight’s Emmy Award-winning narration 6

In this video you’ll hear the narration that won me an Emmy Award on June 1st 2013. Produced by Ty Towriss at NLX Broadcast Design, Sportstime Ohio’s  “Fans For Life” promo earned an Emmy Award for all who participated in its creation. We won our awards within the category of “Promotion – Program Image”.

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