Attention Musicians, Music Composers, Voice Actors, and Video Editors!

Do you represent one (or more) of the job titles presented above? If so, then I think you’re gonna love this post!

As a voice guy who produces his own demos, I’m in constant need of well-written, professionally-recorded, custom music as beds for my vocal deliveries. And, as a video editor, the same holds true: I constantly need fresh, fun, exciting music underneath whatever imagery I’m delivering in my videos. My answer? A website founded by a good friend of mine, Mike Bielenberg.


One of the things I love about Music Revolution is that I have more than one way to buy music: I can jump on and simply buy one track at a time, or I can purchase a monthly subscription — or even yearly subscriptions. I also love how easily I can narrow their vast, expansive catalog of music down to manageable numbers, and while doing so, giving me a more precise library of music for whatever it is I’m searching. For example, I can filter search results by Application, Genre, Mood, Instruments, and/or Influenced By. I can also toggle on or off a Vocals option that will deliver results accordingly. And once I find a track that I like, I can quickly and easily find other tracks of similar taste.

It goes the other way too, though: If you’re a musician or composer, you can upload tracks to Music Revolution and sell them in just the same manner as described above! Another one of my great friends, Randy Hoexter, has done just that. He’s taken compositions and sold them through Music Revolution. Another channel to sell your services! So jump in!

Here’s a quick sizzle reel about their website and their services:


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