Begin Each Day with Inspiration! 6

This one took me a good while to figure out…not sure why, but I’m glad I finally did. Here’s all I do:

Each morning, after getting my little boy ready for school — and before doing anything else — I take a little time to learn about some amazing things that people before me accomplished in their lives. Often this inspiring education comes in the form of a historical video documentary about a person or group of people. (By the way, I use the Roku box to stream NetFlix directly to my TV…so easy!) Sometimes I listen to podcasts, and other times I simply read — but my favorites are always the documentary films since we usually get to see and hear these great individuals talking about their experiences; their hopes and dreams; their tribulations and how they overcame them; and finally, what they learned from it all.

And the inspiration that comes from learning about these brave and daring people isn’t the only benefit: my “problems” are often trivialized when compared to the hardships that others before me endured. This empowers me to tackle my day and encourages me to face my obstacles head on.

I encourage you to try it!

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6 thoughts on “Begin Each Day with Inspiration!

  • Chris Robinson

    Your blog hits me with similarity! I also start my day listening to a few podcasts and watching some interesting documentaries! Since a friend “awakened” me a couple of years ago to some interesting facts about the people who control the majority of the wealth on this entire planet, I peek down the rabbit hole as much as possible. Red ice creations radio, Alex Jones, the late William Cooper, David icke, chris Everard… name a few. The main discussion that links these names is the agenda that controls our lives. Programming via the media, Hollywood, politicians, etc… Has kept most in the dark about the massive, unbelievable corruption that runs our country and the world. “what can little ole me do?” most say! Bringing communities together to grow local healthy food is a good start; saying no to the poisonous food they sell us by voting with our dollar; educating yourself on vaccines – why have they forced people in Africa to take a vaccine at gunpoint should raise some eyebrows. At this point I have to digress and leave anyone interested with the idea of turning off the propaganda box and do your own research. The criminals at the top have admitted in their books and quotes how little they care about the “sheeple”!!!!! Time for us to wake up….

  • tom knight Post author

    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for writing!

    I must admit: I’m not nearly as informed on the matters you presented–I’ll have to do some research–but you seem to feel very strongly about them! Thanks for sharing!


  • Rozeg

    You might be interested in WHY it actually works. When we perform such actions they activate the mesolimbic pathway in our brain (and the corresponding areas), and that has a pretty long-lasting effect on our motivation, inspiration, concentration, learning abilities, feelings and emotions.
    It works perfectly to make my learning easy and pleasant. I’ve been using a similar to yours approach since at least the age of 5 (without knowing that I was doing it) and it worked flawlessly and helped me to get every impossible thing I wanted, effortlessly (despite of the amount of work done).
    Now, when we have all that information available online, I wish that I had a book on this topic when I was little 😀

  • Rozeg

    That effect is especially pronounced and long-lasting when you see someone doing something that is mind-blowing and inspiring. That happened to me when I saw your impossible timekeeping in the Backbeat Groove Basics vid 🙂 🙂 🙂