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4 thoughts on “Contact

    • tomknightvoice@gmail.com Post author

      Hey Harold! Great to see you here!

      Thank you for your kind words–I really appreciate that! Hope to see you soon!


  • John Davenport

    Really enjoyed your podcast on voices.com. I am really intrigued by the book you mentioned and I noticed its a free download off the net! I am always trying to improve my audio files and yours did wow me. I am in Birmingham just over I-20 near you. It’s hard to find the right punch without muddying up your files!

    Thx John Davenport

    • tomknightvoice@gmail.com Post author

      Hi John,

      thank you for the kind words! Yes – that book has helped me in so many ways – from designing a booth that gets the best drum sounds, all the way up to today, basically helping me in the same ways – only for voiceover this time!

      Have a great week!