My new VO mentor

Don_LaFontaine (1)During my time here on this tiny celestial blue dot, I’ve somehow managed to befriend some of the most talented, gifted, successful people imaginable. Some are still here, while others, in the poetic words of Beau Weaver, “have taken their light into another room”. In the latter category, sadly, rests the supremely rare and ever special Don LaFontaine.

What began as a barter between Don and me became a sincere, lasting friendship. And while I was perpetually starstruck by him, he never actually gave me any reason to feel that way. Instead, very much like a close relative, he openly shared his views with me on family, relationships, business, marriage, loyalty…anything, really. I needed only ask.

Six and a half years later, I have a new mentor in the world of VO who embodies AgateDon’s unusually eager and helpful spirit…another supreme voice whose helpful words aren’t limited to only those typed in a script. From a world suffocated by an avalanche of self-promotional ooze emerges, surprisingly, someone unafraid to help direct another into the sunlight.

Don loved to say “pay it forward”, and pay it forward he did. Often. And I discovered I was not the only recipient; indeed, *anyone* having the courage to hurtle themselves over the fence into Don’s world would soon benefit from his immeasurable benevolence.

Well…my new mentor reminds me of Don.

I’m blessed.

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