The more I learn, the more I drift away from a kind of slumbering state of “knowing” and toward an awakened state of not knowing…just the sort of process that snakes its way through nearly every aspect of my life, mercilessly triggering a reddening embarrassment and the compulsory thought, “What […]

My new VO mentor

During my time here on this tiny celestial blue dot, I’ve somehow managed to befriend some of the most talented, gifted, successful people imaginable. Some are still here, while others, in the poetic words of Beau Weaver, “have taken their light into another room”. In the latter category, sadly, rests […]

Tom Knight answers a FAQ

This is Day Two of my 30-day Social Network Challenge, and today’s agenda is to answer a question – so here goes!

Tom Knight narrates Cisco promo video

Here’s a little video I narrated for The Cisco Evolved Services Platform, which orchestrates service provider networks to create, automate, and provision services in real time, across compute, storage and network functions across the entire architecture. (