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People will often try to discourage you by shifting perspective in such a way that places them at the center of your concept (as if it was their idea) and then commenting on it from that vantage point. You’ll recognize it when you hear things like, “I can’t imagine trying to make a career out of such-and-such”, or “I don’t know why anyone would ever want to engage in such-and-such.” Any similar statement falls into this category.

It’s in our nature to imagine ourselves in — and therefore have feelings about — other people’s concepts or situations. But you must be on guard against those who unknowingly utter negative statements just because your idea is not good for them.

When I was younger, others tried discouraging me from music. Later, others tried discouraging me from starting my own video company. And more recently, others tried (often) to school me about why I’d not succeed in voice. None of these individuals had any experience whatsoever in any of the aforementioned fields.

So what would’ve happened if I had listened to any one of these discouragers? Well, I might never have tried — thus ensuring failure. But what would’ve happened to them? Absolutely nothing. Others will say anything when they have nothing to lose. Be careful around them.


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