“We have worked with Tom for a couple of years now, and are amazed by the quality of his work! He has collaborated with us on a variety of projects, ranging from corporate videos for some of the top oil and gas companies, to TV commercials for St. Jude. Always impeccable, he has given that creative, yet professional touch, and taken to the next level, every single piece he has worked on.”

Rossitsa Israel

Rossitsa Israel

Partner at 1.618 Designs

“As an air talent, programmer, and voice guy myself for over thirty years, I’m hard to please when it comes to picking what voice I use on my station.

When I first heard TOM’s voice, it drew me in with a tone quality and delivery I had only heard in one other person who was a legend in the broadcast Voice Over industry and helped me build three of America’s top rated radio stations over the years… not to mention claiming several ACM and CMA nominations and setting a morning show benchmark of a 31.5 share AQH at WBKR in Owensboro / Evansville.

That person was the late, legendary Brian James.

Surfing the net for the right voice for my rebuilding of WDSD FM in Wilmington Delaware, I was listening to a demo and thought I was hearing Brian James…. you could imagine how shocked I was to learn that it was the voice of an Atlanta drum artist and teacher Tom Knight.

I wasted no time contacting Tom and asked if he had thought of doing voice work for radio, and after a couple of emails and calls we launched with Tom and I saw an instant bump in ratings…and that old familiar warm sound that has once again made WDSD Delaware’s Country Radio Station.”

Sky Phillips

Sky Phillips
Operations Manager / Clear Channel Dover – Wilmington, Delaware.
Program Director / Mornings WDSD FM

“Tom Knight will make your productions come alive in a way you probably thought least about, through voice acting. HE IS GOOD! REALLY GOOD! And great to work with. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!”
Ty Towriss

President at TY inc / NLX Broadcast Design


“We found Tom almost by accident, and we’re not going to let him go. His range, his flexibility and that voice…damn, that voice. He’s MADE us take what we were going to do and push even farther. We were searching for a voice that could get us to the ‘next level’.”

Paul Gibson

– Paul Gibson

“Working in the fast-paced world of broadcast commercials and imaging, it is truly an edge to have Tom’s skills at my disposal. I consider Tom to be my “secret weapon.” His repertoire is stellar. The great thing is, whatever style read I ask for, he ALWAYS delivers and FAST! 

My recommendation to you is, hire Tom before your competition does.”
Doug Miller
Doug Miller
Imaging/Production Director


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