“The Comfort Zone” = “The Failure Zone”

The problem with comfort is that it usually means resting, or at least avoiding the things that we consider difficult. But resting means not moving — just as avoiding difficulty means not growing. Not growing means not succeeding, and not succeeding means…well, failing.

Related note: I believe that if we’re not moving forward, then we’re moving backward. I don’t believe in “sitting still” (comfort). Because while we sit still, others move forward. Thus by comparison, we’ve retreated. (This is especially true in business.) Fail.

If we try to lose weight, comfort food is not our ally — unless, of course, your idea of comfort food happens to be raw vegetables and filtered water. On the contrary, all that rich, fat-laden, sugary food we crave is often the last thing we need. And if we can’t bear to leave our comfort zone, we fail.

If we try to get physically fit, reclining on our comfortable sofas is not the answer. Rather, sweating it out on a treadmill is what burns calories, tightens muscles, and trims waist lines.  Again, the sedentary, relaxing comfort we crave is the last thing we need. And if we can’t bear to leave our comfort zone, we fail.

Some of the people closest to me have inspired this post — from both sides. My wife is a perfect example of the kind of person who never gives up…who always lives outside her comfort zone. And I’ve seen tremendous growth in just about every aspect of her life as a result. Conversely, some of my friends love to dream big, but then turn right around and act small. They don’t dare give up their comfort — not even if it brought enrichment to their lives beyond their wildest dreams.

I blogged about my own secret recipe for staying out of the “failure zone” — and I’ll warn you now: it’s not comfortable — but it never fails. Here’s the link: Want Better? Do the things you DON’T want to do!


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