Tom Leigh Knight: Accredited Member of SaVoa

Tom Leigh Knight SaVoa member 11027I am now an accredited member of SaVoa!

SaVoa — the Society of Accredited Voice Over Artists — is an organization whose mission is to establish and maintain an accreditation program for voice over artists and to support continuing education for the advancement of the voice over industry.

By employing an accredited SaVoa voice artist, clients can rest easy knowing that all established standards of excellence will be met or exceeded by the voice artist — including vocal delivery (performance and technique) and technical delivery (audio quality and technique), and that the voice artist conducts business in a manner that enhances the voice over community as a whole.

Click the image below to view my SaVoa certificate.

Thomas Leigh Knight SaVoa Member 11027

Society of Accredited Voice Over Artists 11027

To learn more about SaVoa, visit

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