Tom Leigh Knight: Drummer for TLC

Often in my blogging, I’ll reference my music career as I describe similarities between it and my voice over career. Both involve similar aspects including auditions, reading, interpretation, emotion, and delivery…but it doesn’t end there: both careers also require lots of self discipline, practice, positivity, managerial skills, marketing skills, financial awareness — the list goes on and on…

At the risk of confusing the purpose of my website, I thought I’d go ahead and post videos of some of my most proud moments in the music business, compartmentalized into five posts: TLC, Contemporary Jazz, Gospel, Instructional, and Rock (the early years).

If nothing else, you might get a kick out of some of these videos — particularly the “over the shoulder” view of what it’s like to perform with TLC: the biggest-selling all-girl group in the history of music (a record that still stands today.) I played on the last two albums (the song “Unpretty” from the album entitled Fanmail, and the song “Damaged” from the album entitled 3D) and I performed on their worldwide tours since 1998. Below are a few videos of some of my favorite times with the girls — some of which have never been published before! Enjoy!


TLC in Japan: “Ain’t 2 Proud 2 Beg”

TLC in Japan: “Waterfalls”

TLC in Japan: “Baby, Baby, Baby”

The following videos were taken during sound check earlier in the day before the concert.

TLC sound check in Japan: “Girl Talk”

TLC sound check in Japan: “No Scrubs”

TLC sound check in Japan: “Fanmail”

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