Voice Actors: Buy Nancy Wolfson’s “How to Sound Real and Nail the Sale”

Unless, of course, you already have!

Seriously, this affordable, downloadable instructional video package falls squarely into the “must have” folder of any voice artist interested in sounding natural, motivating listeners, and most importantly — getting gigs. And, as I often do, I’ll draw upon several aspects of my life as a drummer — comparing them to some of the most important points in Wolfson’s videos (without spoiling her lessons) — in order to illuminate just how much truth exists in her teachings. Here we go:

  • Sounding authentic: Throughout this series, Nancy discusses just how important it is to really express authenticity when delivering any line placed in front of you, and she illustrates several ways to accomplish this. A parallel concept exists for me as a drummer laying down tracks in the studio: the quicker I’m able to find the right feel, the faster the whole production process goes, which ultimately cuts down on production costs, because time is money. Not to mention how rewarding it is to nail the feel of the song (or script) right away. Talk about inspiration for getting called back! With Nancy’s help, you’ll nail the read, and do it quickly. (Side benefit: in the video, you’ll get to watch other students stumble through tricky lines just as we do, but within minutes, Nancy helps them nail the take completely.)
  • Down the middle: Do you find yourself trying to avoid sounding announcery without sounding dead? Or maybe you’d like to add some spice without sounding over-the-top? Nancy has your remedy. As a drummer, there’s little worse than for me to overplay my parts — stepping all over the other musicians. It’s equally unadvisable for me to “play it safe” (underplay) all the time because of fear. Finding that middle ground  is where the money is. Again, with Wolfson’s instruction you’ll find this easier and easier to do.
  • Confidence: If you don’t have it, not to worry…even the best find themselves without confidence from time to time. With Nancy’s help, you’ll express confidence even if you don’t feel it on the inside. This is exactly how it works on a music stage: I’d better exude a confident, steady groove — whether or not I feel it. The best part: she’ll give you the secrets to shifting that inner negative focus over to an outward positive viewpoint toward the copy.
  • Body language: Apparently it means everything in VO! Nancy’s techniques will correct common posture problems that adversely affect your vocal performance, teach you how to build muscle memory for instant recall whenever you’re confronting difficult copy, and help you use your body to “punch” the script right into the listener’s heart. Again, this is not just a lecture series — you get to watch other students go through all of this. As a drummer, body language is EVERYTHING. So, for me, this topic especially resonates with me, since I’ve experienced both sides of it as a musician. When I’m playing the drums, my posture — or “physical attitude” — will have a profound effect on the emotion of my playing. Why wouldn’t I want to get this right?

There’s way more to all of this, which is why I think you should consider buying it. I bought it, and I’ll study it for a really long time. I’m also not being paid to write this, nor am I affiliated with Nancy in any way. (She has no idea I’m writing this.)

Here’s the link: http://www.braintracksaudio.com/soundreal/

If you buy it, be sure to come back and tell me what you think!

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